Sticky: Phen375 in UK Stores

Can I buy Phen375 in UK Stores?

Do you wish to buy Phen375 in UK stores? This is a question that you have been asking as you contemplated giving Phen375 a trial. This product is a much sought after diet pill and everyone wishes that it was available in the stores on the UK High Street! Unfortunately, it is not available there. I know that we all know that it is much safer and secure to buy it on the high street stores and you can get a faster service as well but the manufacturers of Phen375  have not been able to provide you with that facility yet.

But take heart, even if you can’t buy it from the stores you can still buy this diet pill through a secure check out at the official Phen375 UK website.


R.D.K holdings S.A



Phen375 UK New Distribution Centre

Previously this diet pill was dispatched to buyers in the United Kingdom from the US but you may be glad to know that there is now a distribution centre in Nottingham set up recently to cater specifically for UK and European customers. This has greatly reduced the waiting times from a couple of weeks to between 3 – 5 days. So the long waiting is now over even if you can not get the product in the stores at the moment.


Phen375 Price Decrease

Due to the fact that there is a Phen375 distribution centre in the United Kingdom, the other benefits is that the price of the product  has also  gone down as there are no more huge shipping costs. If this was ever the reason that you failed to buy this diet pill, now is the opportune time to put your weight loss goals and health in the right place.


Shipping Phen375



As you can see from the above table, you can save quite a bit of money when you buy Phen375 now in the UK and Europe.


No Phen375 in UK Stores? How Do I Buy Now?

While you can not order this diet pill on the High Street stores like Boots, Superdrug and Tesco’s, you can get a good discount if you buy online. This is the benefit that would not be possible if it was available in stores due to the huge handling costs that would be necessary to stock the product in the stores. Right now you can get a good discount if you buy 3 bottles of Phen375 ( 3 months’ worth). You will be given an extra bottle totally  free of charge so that you can truly establish your weight loss results.

Phe375 claims to help you lose 3 – 5 pounds a week so no doubt you know that this is indeed a good deal to lose weight for good. Order this powerful diet product by visiting using the link below.


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